Our Kindergarten

Pre Primary focuses on building-Gross and Fine Motor skills, Conceptual, linguistic, social and emotional development. We at DPS believe in holistic development of a child. Hence we make them body smart, music smart, people smart, self-smart and nature smart.

DPS Gomti Nagar aims at preparing a child for the competitive world, so that he/she becomes a confident thinker and globally responsible citizen. We make education interesting through various activities where students actively participate with full enthusiasm.

We inculcate positive behaviour that results into positive actions. The teachers create an awareness among the students and teach them to be fair and emphatic to the fellow individuals.


  • • Use kind words.
  • • Learn as much as you can.
  • • Help each other.
  • • Take care of yourself and your fellow classmates.
  • • Be safe.
  • • Respect yourself and others.
  • • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • • Be willing to try new things.
  • • Be willing to stand strong.


  • • We have been inspired by globally accepted methodology- Gardener’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, Piaget’s Cognitive Theory and Montessori Method which we incorporate in our teaching.
  • • Multiple intelligence theory proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults, which are:
  • 1. Linguistic Intelligence
  • 2. Logical mathematical intelligence
  • 3. Spatial intelligence
  • 4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence
  • 5. Musical intelligence
  • 6. Interpersonal intelligence
  • 7. Intrapersonal intelligence
  • 8. Naturalistic intelligence

Our Infrastructure includes:-

  • • Air-Conditioned and Spacious classrooms
  • • Auditorium
  • • Smart class
  • • Activity room with non-toxic, eco-friendly toys
  • • Well decorated campus to create an ambience conducive for learning
  • • Spacious playground with favorably designed swings
  • • Well trained music, dance and sports teachers
  • • Interactive sessions with parents
  • • Transport facility
  • • Emphasis on creativity by providing a radiant canvas for enhancing their aesthetic prowess
  • • Swimming Pool (under construction)
  • • Library
  • • Infirmary